Monday, 4 February 2013

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Car
Making a mistake in buying used cars can result in losing hundreds or thousands, more than essential. However, you can avoid these mistakes and enjoy the venture of buying a used car.

Here are the 5 mistakes that are best avoided when buying  used cars.

Mistake #1 – Missing out the vehicle history report

It is a must to know the vehicle history report and is a no-brainers job. You need to ensure the vehicle never has been in a hurricane or met an accident. Was it let out for rent or lease, needs to checked.

Mistake #2 – Missing on the vehicle inspection report

Buying a used car from car dealers means simply ask for the mechanic’s inspection report of the used car you want to purchase. If they fail to show you, you can simply walk away from the deal or get your own mechanic and check the vehicle, before taking it out.

Mistake #3 – Overlooking fuel consumption

You need to consider the fuel consumption, especially with used cars. With the skyrocketing prices increasing on fuel, your used car may turn to be very expensive, if the fuel consumption is more. Overlooking or ignoring the fuel consumption may prove to be costly later. Check the miles it gives per liter to be on the safer side.

Mistake #4 – Overlooking certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles

Visiting certified pre-owned car dealers are the best as they meet a higher standard and sell vehicles that are only a few years old and has covered only limited miles. Such Preowned certified car dealers put the vehicle through comprehensive inspection and repair the deficiencies. They also offer warranty.

Mistake #5 – Consider comparison shopping

The online tools are many to do comparison shopping. Look for your choice and note that dealer prices are certainly higher to private seller prices. Consider comparison shopping to know the present price running and usually car dealers offer value and concern to the end user and take some risk for you buying a used vehicle.

Risks are associated with buying a new or a used car, but keeping checks, ensure you are in a good shape and the vehicle is serving your purpose for a long time.

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