Sunday, 10 February 2013

5 Powerful Negotiating Tips For Buying Second Hand Cars

 Negotiating for a used car in India is a big pain and also a tactful task at the same time. The car dealers in the market have become very smart when it comes to the sale of the used cars in India. So before you make you’re mind for going and buying a used car, wait and think. Here are some essential tips that you should follow before deciding on to the used car in India you are planning to buy.

1.  There are numerous negotiating tips available on the net to negotiate while buying a used car in India, but you have to decide that what price is ideal for you to pay for the car you are looking forward to introduce into your family.  In order to negotiate with the car dealer first you should do your homework and be crystal clear on to what exactly you are looking for, so that negotiation can be properly done. Determine the cost budget you are willing to pay and do not cross it no matter how tempting the deal sounds to you and you think that you might miss on to a good deal. You will get many of them.

2.  There’s always a right time for everything and so is for the deal. The car dealers will offer you with the best of the deals if they are desperate enough to sell the used cars to you. The simplest negotiating tips for buying a used car are the trickiest. Opt for the time when the dealers are not willing to sell of purchase any of the used cars. This is considered to be the ideal time for any kind of business for the car dealers as they are anxious to get even the little possible benefit as well.

 3. Make them feel that you are not desperate for buying a used car with any deal available and you are open to better deals if the car dealers don not provide you with the best deal. Observe the dealer and let them know what the deal you are looking forward to is.  If they strongly appose to the deal you have mentioned then give them the “thanks anyways line” which will definitely make them rethink on your deal as they will surely have a feeling that you have a strong interest I the used car. Due to the tough competition in the market, there are chances that the car dealers shall think again and close the deal with you.

4. Be careful in whatever you are saying to the car-dealer as they are the ones who are handling customers like you everyday, but you are dealing with them for the first time. Car dealers already have strong strategies using which they try and get the details that you are not willing to disclose to them. Make sure you hold back your thoughts and refuse to answer the questions if you don’t wish to reveal the answer. Provide the answers you are comfortable in answering with ease and in a friendly tone.

5. The final step that is the most important is that make sure the person who compromises on the deal is the car dealer and not you. When both the parties sit for the negotiation, sit and make sure what are they not offering, but make sure that you foot look desperate for the deal to close. Car dealers will not prefer to lose a potential customer and they will try and provide you with various alternatives.

Be straight forward on what exactly you are looking forward to and you are not willing to compromise on that. Make sure that the car showroom compromises on lowering the price of the used car.


  1. Nice write up.So informative.Thanks for it.I would also like to say before put a step to buy a second hand car need to check working condition,usage of car,warranty
    period,rust,blemish and mileage too.Make a test drive once u decide to buy.

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  4. Read your tips and somewhat helpful to me. But when you decide to buy a used car you have to be prepare for unexpected costs. And if you dont want to stress yourself with the unexpected costs then simple look for extended auto warranty companies in your city. And get your car warranty plan.