Thursday, 29 August 2013

Tata Motors & success journey with little Nano

Tata Motors, a name that has been serving millions of hopes to its large number of customers since 1945. Tata Motors, throughout these years have become world’s eighteenth largest automobile company. Tata Motors has got 6 manufacturing units established in 6 several places in India – it starts from Jamshedpur city, follows Pantnagar, Lucknow, Sanand, Dharwad and ends at Pune. Additionally, these giants have not left exotic places untouched too – including Argentina, South Africa, Thailand and United Kingdom, Tata Group has occupied. On an extended plate of Tata Motors’ proliferation – it has got its research centers in Pune, Jamshedpur, Lucknow and Dharwad in India and in abroad – research centers are in South Korea, Spain and United Kingdom. By making joint-venture with many other automobile companies, Tata Motors once decided to innovate world’s most reasonably priced car and at the end of their planning, they really came up with Tata Nano Car. The first small plus reasonable priced car in the world is Tata Nano – it is actually the cheapest one makes you expend only Rs. 1 Lakh for walking it your home.

Tata engineers who are highly praised for their subtle technical improvements which may be missed by others. Tata Nano is appreciable productions by Tata Motors, which is sold to larger customers at its initial state of after-launch moments. Customers became much fond of its size, especially small sized family fall for Tata Nano. It is just because the car can make them feel compact inside with a feeling of worth investment too. Before this investment, Tata Motors came up with numbers of Tata Cars in India and those too got over customers’ interests and made them feel like happy-investment as well. Other Tata Cars’ models include – Tata Motors Aria, Tata Motors Indica Vista, Tata Motors Manza Club Class, Tata Motors New Indica eV2, Tata Motors New Indigo eCS, Tata Motors Safari, Tata Motors SAFARI STORME. Some of these are New Tata cars in India.

Apart from its bulk of usual car productions, Tata Motors really enjoyed a great journey with its compact, reasonably priced car Tata Nano, but all this was at its initial stage. Afterwards, though, cars kept on being sold to customers, but only middle aged- retired persons came as the only customers for this car. Then, Tata Motors, decided to make a new range of Tata Nano, by updating its technical inputs so as to make it capable of generating as much peak power as driver wishes for. Because, the much technical inputs are found updated after testing-drive, the much booking calls and forms will be submitted to the dealers. So, this is just a plan sketched by Tata Motors, which are just supposed to be implemented shortly. Thus, if you are with a dream in eyes to buy new Tata Car in India, then there is, for your help only, one step web destination, where, you would be supplied with all the updates along with reviews of Tata Cars and New Tata Cars information.

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