Friday, 6 September 2013

Download Audi cars photos in HD quality

Audi is the most wanted car on this earth. Unquestionably, there are so many more, but why Audi is making so much of money during such dire condition of India’s economy. Audi has apparently been proved as the most sold car in India whereas, small-family cars have stopped investing for business’s grow or for anything else so that industry can make better revenue, but Audi has earned 21% of growth in its recent sale in comparison to last year’s sale unit.
New Audi Cars in India 
This four-ringed car company, i.e. based out on German never fails to endeavor the best. It learns to attain the utmost success in its trading and satisfy customers’ thirst in regards of quality, error-free performance, fuel-economy, cost-effectiveness and long-lasting battery service. Audi cars have been proved as one of the best and highly-developed luxury cars in the world. Indian citizen loves this car because of its shining and bossy features from outside and as you peep in, you find the paradise inside. The car’s developed with high quality of upholsteries, advanced technology used in dashboard along with digital features like Google Map and all too.
New Audi Car Photos
By outside, car gets LED headlamps, with elevated grille style and jagged bonnet as well. Wheelbases are spread around 2912mm ground clearance 165mm and Track front and rear are around 1627mm and 1618mm. If you want to talk about engine specification then it goes like Engine description 2.7L 177bhp V6 TDI; Maximum power 179.5 @ 3,300-4,250 (PS@rpm); Maximum torque; 38.8 @ 1,400-3,300 (kgm@rpm); No. of cylinders 6. This specification and exterior dimension details basically of Audi A6 model, taking it as average technical-specifications of Audi cars, you can go for the other models too.
Today, this German company is not ready to leave one automotive page without their cars’ details. The cars are being developed in shin and in the mid of brightness. To get the glimpse of glamour of Audi cars, you can log in to where the fantastic and latest Audi cars photo galley and Audi cars photos are preserved with daily maintenance. For your room or your laptop and desktop, you can be served with all latest Audi cars’ wallpapers and all. Thus, go and get set with

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